I used to be an uninspired teenage graphic art student, not doing much with my life until we had a photography assignment at the age of 16. We had to photograph the alphabet that we saw in shapes and shadows. The assignment itself was not inspiring to me but my love for photography was born right there at that instant. In the following years I stalked my friends and family for pictures, saved an bought camera’s and started scouting new faces for models. I did however, prefer to live life the way I wanted and lived it at the cost of my high school career. I dropped out as soon as I was 18 and worked a regular day job to support my life alone when I moved out at age 19. My glamorous look at the artist life got cut short in the following years where I just tried to survive and think about what I wanted to do in life. Right after my 21st birthday I met K, my partner. Who is 9 years older and taught me all about opportunities with the care and patience of an old wise man. He was my fuel to a life where I had none left and he supported me having a job that gave me gratification instead of something that brought money on the table, he was the first who saw my true colors even before I did.
Love is often accompanied by life and our happiness brought a baby girl that was due in June of 2015. But life had other plans with us. Our daughter had a rare chromosome disorder that we only found out about in 29 weeks of pregnancy, in which she became incompatible with life .We made the devastating decision to terminate the pregnancy very late at 32 weeks after weeks of figuring out what was best for her and us as a family. She was born after a long and hard labor of 52 hours on May 2d. We mourn her every day and don’t look at her like she was a life cut short. She had a life in which she lived everything that life had to offer her and I am eternally grateful for having had the ability to give her rest instead of pain. In september of 2015 we got blessed again with our rainbow son, who is due in June of 2016. This pregnancy has not been without obstacles but we await his arrival with great anticipation.