I feel like my work as a business branding creative is like a chameleon. Adaptable to a clients need  from dreamy to strong and minimalistic. The only thread through my work is the big love for muted colors.” 

I’m a 28 year old designer focussing on the branding of companies though Graphic design, Photography and Webdesign.

It all started for me when I held my first paintbrush before taking my first steps and it hasn’t slowed down since. As a teenager I went to study graphic design but then my interest for the camera took over with a graphic design assignment for class. 

From then on all of my pocket money went to my gear but so did all of my focus. At 18 after failing my year, I left school. Went to live alone and got a working job in sales. Meanwhile I kept doing photography and started to do shoots of new faces for modeling agencies. Graphic design came back into my life in the early 20’s along with webdesign that I tought myself. But after a stillborn daughter and a son with ASS along with a separation as a stay at home mom without income, I decided on turning my life around and launched myself in all the things I was good at, Instead of trying to be someone I wasn’t.

Through my journey as an artist I always struggled with not having my own true style until I discovered this can be used to an advantage when you design someone else’s digital space.

I enjoy co-designing with my clients. Listen to their personal story and vision. Setting up a mood board to research before execution. Maximizing time scheduling and it also shows in the clients wallet! Research and good communication is a job half done.