About the artist.

Saskia Volders is a 28 year old artist focussing on the branding of companies though Graphic design, Photography and Webdesign. She held her first paintbrush before taking her first steps and it hasn’t slowed down since. 

She has always struggled with not having her own true style until she discovered this can be used to an advantage. 

Her work is like a chameleon. Adaptable to a clients need  from dreamy to strong and minimalistic. The only thread through her work is her love for muted colors. 

She enjoys co-designing with her clients. Listen to their personal story and vision. Setting up a moodboard to research before execution. Maximizing time scheduling and it also shows in the clients wallet! Research and good communication is a job half done.

She also recently set out to start selling her abstract art where emotions take a central part of creation.

what do clients say?

® SASKIA VOLDERS 2020 – Antwerp