Intuitive & elegant design for business

Design needs to reflect what you and your brand are all about! I focus on minimalist & timeless branding for both graphic & web where the focus goes to your product/service.

I offer a wide range from one particular design to branding packages that will up your game by giving you the confidence to put yourself out there with a professional look that matches your drive and story.

We all browse social media,websites or look at magazines and sigh “I want (my business) to look like that!”

Well, now you can! Together we have an online meeting to discuss what you need and what your vision is before we get to the actual photoshoot and focus on giving your brand that professional and fun feeling that it deserves!

Photography that gets you noticed

Abstract art with a statement

When I’m not busy designing or doing photography I’m painting abstract art. I focus on abstract portraiture or emotional painting with chaos at heart.

My work is sold through myself but also represented by

I’m a 29-year-old designer, photographer, and artist based in Antwerp with a passion and drive to tell stories. For the longest time I had trouble in writing and finding my own but that’s when I realized that maybe my place was in helping other people tell theirs. Read more…

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